Activity / Disability Checks Onsite undercover or direct investigations are a fast and economical way to gain in-sight into the claimant/subjects activities, physical capacity, employment status, background and daily activities. This is a useful to determine the appropriate times to conduct surveillance.


Asset SearchesThis involves a nationwide search of public records to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. These searches will uncover value and any potential liabilities that may be tied to the property. This can also prove to be beneficial if a business or person is using a factious business name, is using fraud, is hiding assents or had multiple judgments or a track record of fraud against them. Knowing this can not only help you in court, but can give you the information and facts that you need to do every day business.


Cell Phone Data Retrieval-One common method of identifying a cheating spouse is by retrieving deleted text messages, emails and pictures. We provide the industries latest technologies in recovering such information in Android phones and tablets as well as IPhones and apple products.


Claims Investigations– Our claims investigators use the best methods available in the industry when uncovering insurance fraud, Workers Compensation fraud, or Liability fraud. Video surveillance and other techniques are utilized in order to save the Insurance company millions a year on fraudulent claims.


Domestic Investigations– Our domestic investigators are highly trained out of our Miami office. This involves potentially uncovering hidden assets or identifying a negligent parent in custody disputes. This also entails uncovering a disloyal spouse or partner by conducting possible surveillance on their activities. (please refer to Surveillance and Cell Phone Data Retrieval)


Claimant Home Interviews– Post incident personal meetings with the claimant/subject are conducted to document the circumstances regarding the incident, restrictions, employment, current activities and other pertinent information. Specific interviews are based on your investigative needs. (Criminal, Insurance fraud, Theft, Witness to accident, Activity / Disability Checks)


Clinic Inspections (Medical Treatment and Billing Verification)– A complete history including ownership and corporation details on a specific clinic or medical facility is acquired. Professional licenses are verified and background checks conducted on all corporation officers and medical personnel. In addition surveillance can be set up in an effort to document if a specific claimant is attending treatment as being billed for a specific time period. Or surveillance can be set up to document the amount of patients being treated during a specific time period. Finally an in-person cold call visit is made to inspect and obtain photographs of the facility, treatment areas and equipment.


Court Records, Research & Retrieval- Numerous on-line and on-site records from public and private sources can be obtained. Common examples of records obtainable are: Workers Compensation History, Motor vehicle accident reports, Criminal History, Prior Lawsuits, Divorce Records, Property Records, Business Information, National Cross Reference Directory and Indices, Vehicle Ownership, UCC Filings and much more information. Records availability varies by state.


Hospital Canvass– Discreet contact is made with 18 to 24 of the closest medical facilities to the claimant/subjects residence in efforts to verify any prior admission. Upon verification all relevant information that is available will be obtained. This is critical in discovering prior injuries the subject/claimant may be concealing.


Locates- Effective and efficient techniques and databases are utilized to locate witnesses, claimants and or lost relatives. The locate investigation is completed with a discreet in-person visit at the acquired address to verify targets whereabouts.


Neighborhood Canvass– Discreet inquiries are conducted in an effort to obtain information as to the claimant/subjects activities. This can prove to be beneficial in but not limited to possible Criminal activity, Theft claims, Arson claims, Disability claims, Workers compensation claims and Liability claims. This can also be an important tool in establishing if future surveillance is warranted in maintaining constant monitoring for a specific period of time based on our findings.


Online Background Checks–  Specially tailored investigations through on-site courthouse research or on-line databases are utilized to determine the claimant/subjects character, reputation, employment status, criminal history, medical history and other specific research.


Police, Fire & EMS Reports– These records are important in helping establishing possible proof in upcoming court cases and or in settling disputes. These types of records will be retrieved for you in a timely manner. We will contact the necessary departments and personnel in helping you secure the necessary records you need.


Scene Investigations- On-site investigations are conducted at the scene of the loss. Photographs are gathered at the scene from all angles and a diagram is also prepared of the area. A witness canvass is also conducted in the area in search of any person who may have witnessed the loss and/or can provide relevant information to the investigation. This is essential to an attorney or adjuster to better recognize the factors that contributed to the loss.


Statements (Recorded & Signed)- Comprehensive recorded interviews are taken with the subject in an effort to cover and document the subjects personal history, treatment history, and all circumstances and issues, which are relevant to the claim.


Surveillance -This practice of continuous observation of a person, place or on going activity is one of the most effective ways in gathering information on individuals when they least expect to be monitored. These methods include foot, mobile and/or stationary monitoring.