Developers & Contractors

We at Biaggi Cucina have been manufacturing high quality cabinets and stylish kitchen cabinetry out of Brazil and Spain for  cost effective solution, designated for project developers and contractors. Our team of architects and designers is qualified to work with you in finding the best collection to suit the needs of you project.



At Biaggi Showroom, we carry different collections for different budgets of projects and developments. Our Builders Modules are part of our most cost effective collection, which is composed of MDF Cabinets and DPL Laminates with color of your selection. The competitive cost of these modules still considers the quality and pledge of Biaggi Cucina

to work with environmentally correct product, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council


Please, consider BIAGGI CUCINA  for your next project and fell free to send us the layout for evaluation and quote.